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About Us

Our story started back when we were living and working in Asia, with a single product: face masks. Popular and fun, these self-care products were our favorite way of pampering ourselves in the comfort of our own home - but we quickly discovered some shocking things about them. Not only were most products in the market packed with harmful ingredients, but many were also ineffective and messy.

Looking deeper, we were horrified to discover exactly what we were putting on our skin: harsh, hormone-altering chemicals which caused a rash of allergic reactions and skin irritation, and left us struggling with our self-confidence for years.

Back then, we didn’t have what most women have today: a proper support system to help us with our skincare routines and a community of like-minded girls to exchange beauty tips and ideas with.

In answer to this, we decided on two things:

1) We wanted to make the switch to clean beauty.

2) We wanted to empower and educate women, and help them transform their health and skin.

And so, we founded Bare Me Beauty to help us provide the beauty community with effective, green skincare products that are easy-to-use and 100% natural. We strive to ensure that everything we make provides true value to our customers while still being cruelty-free, environmentally-friendly, and made right here in Canada using the highest quality ingredients we can find.

When it comes to true beauty, we believe less is more. Beautiful skin doesn't have to be complicated - and that's why our goal is to create simple and clean products that provide your skin with everything it needs.... without any of the harmful ingredients you don't want.